Music can be both - fun and cool!


Every year there are many projects that come and go but here are some of the long term projects in my life.

The Duskers

Anton joined The Duskers (then ‘Dusk Till Dawn’) in 1985. With the motto ’We Can Play Anything’ the band enjoyed success until recently while the members take a well earned hiatus.

This band was FUN! All band members sang lead and backing vocals and the repertoire grew with every live performance. It was against the rules to perform a gig and NOT play at least 2 new songs. It was also against the rules to rehearse as a band!

The Duskers interacted well with their audiences, always encouraging requests. Versatility was the key to their success and their respect for each other musically. One night might be an Old Time Dance playing tunes written 100 years previously but the next night might be a Rock function playing the latest Triple J material plus anything in between — 40s Jazz, 50s Rock n Roll, 60s psychedelic, 70s disco, 80s, 90s Naughties Contemporary, Country, Reggae, Punk  etc.

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GippsTafe (Gippsland TAFE)

Anton has enjoyed teaching hundreds of students through the higher education precincts of Monash University and TAFE College. He has been part of the faculty of the Music Department at TAFE in Gippsland since its inception in 1990.

The Music Department delivers the learning modules required for Certificate 2 in  Music, Certificate 4 in Music Business and Performance and Advanced Diploma of Music.

Here is a pic of Anton conducting a rehearsal in one of the TAFE studios. (Move over Jack Black!)

Crystal Wattage reunion

I couldn’t help adding this project to this page.

In May 2007 I celebrated a 30 year school reunion from my old school ‘St. Anne's and Gippsland Grammar School’ in Sale, Victoria. We were asked by the committee to revive the school’s rock group ‘Crystal Wattage’. So, 30 years after we last met, we got together to blast out a few of the old 70s tunes again.

Ha, what fun!

Pictured R to L: Roger Noden (guitar, vox), Anton Fullerton (drums, vox), Ian Needham (vox) and last minute fill-in Mel McMurrin, a professional vocalist from California (bass, vox).

Also a pic of Anton on the same night on drums.

Private Teaching

Anton Fullerton teaches privately from his studio in Traralgon. Many students learn for fun and many have gone on to make a career in music either as teachers or professional musicians.

Students enjoy Anton’s passion for music and teaching.

This picture was painted in oils for Anton by one of his former students Mandy Loechel and proudly adorns the wall of his teaching studio.


By far, the best project in my life is my family  -  my wife Rachael and our two kids.

The Luke Draper Band.  I recently sat in for the live recording of talented young singer/songwriter Luke Draper for his DVD concert.  With minimal rehearsal time, we performed about 20 of the songs off Luke’s previous CDs plus material from his upcoming CD to a packed audience at Traralgon Little Theatre. On stage were regular Luke Draper Band members Ben Tungst (bass) and Craig Wacker (drums) along with myself (keys), Clint Warner (guitar), Ben van Poppel (6 string elec violin), Max Thomas (percussion) and Steve Schulz (percussion). Recorded by Brett Tippet the DVD will be on sale soon.


You can catch a couple of the songs on You Tube at....

Someone’s Gonna Watch You Sleep Tonight and

Music War


Film recorded in 1986. Some mates and I got together one weekend with a borrowed TV camera and my 8 track analogue tape recorder. We quickly put together a few tracks while also putting down a few beers. On the video is Geoff Machen (guitar), Chris Waterman (drums), David Timmers (bass), Steve Renfree (piano) and Anton Fullerton (vocals). Thanks to Nick Kohler for video production. Click on these  links to YouTube for the tracks.

Benny & The Jets

Over The Hill

Down In Brazil 

Monash Big Band, Sophisticated Swing Big Band & Out Of The Blue Orchestra

Three wonderful big bands that I was playing piano with over the course of about 15 years. This pic was taken at Merimbula Jazz Festival around 1996.

My Parents

Margie and Tony Fullerton pictured here with their drummer Ken Vatcher. My parents were very encouraging with my music because they value their own musical life so much. Mum & Dad have always been the nucleus of many bands and have gained a reputation around Australia playing with many famous Australian and International artists.


Here is a pic of my grandparents Iris and Ron Foale. Ron led his own dance band playing reeds from the 1930s to 1988. In 1980 he was invited to join Graeme Bell’s Jazz Band for the Breda Jazz Festival in the Netherlands. He received standing ovations regularly for his solo renditions of popular and classical songs on the halfpenny whistle.

WHITE LINE Reunion 2009

White Line was a successful and hard working band in the Gippsland region from 1979 to 1984. We were playing balls, debs, dances,  sports club socials, weddings, parties etc. Here we got together for a BBQ, jam session  and catch up 25 years on.

L to R. Richard Teychenne (Bass), Max Warren (Guitar), Chris Stammers (Sax + Congas), Noel O’Doherty (Lead Vocals + Guitar) and Anton Fullerton (Drums).

Modern Jazz 2010

We formed a new Big Band last year but decided to downsize from 18 to 5 members. It’s easier to fit on stage! Playing a mixture of Be Bop and Standards. L to R. Anton (keys),  Lionel Bailey (Tenor sax), Dave (drums), Bradley Cruikshank (horns) + John Hardiman (bass).  Regular drummer was Kathryn Stammers and fill in bassist  Peter Howell.

White Line - L to R - Max Warren, Richard Teychenne, Noel O’Doherty, Anton Fullerton &  Chris Stammers at Traralgon Tech Hall, 1979

Below: The Duskers 2005 from Left - Danny Eddy, Anton Fullerton, Wayne Silvester, Peter Cook & Darren Silvester

Below Left: Dusker stalwarts Anton, Darren & Wayne

Rhonda Burchmore Concert 2012


Formed another Big Band to play a private concert at Kernot Hall in Morwell in April 2012 under direction of Brad Cruikshank and featuring the dynamic Rhonda Burchmore on vocals and pizzazz!

Rennie Jones Band

Played with Rennie for many years doing jazz gigs all over Gippsland and Melbourne. Always a fun night. Pictured here with Rennie’s son Jack Jones (Southern Sons, John Farnham Band).

Sabrina Salvatore Band


Sabrina was a piano student of mine for many years and excelled at writing and performing her own songs. When she graduated from music college in Melbourne I was ecstatic and proud to be asked to play piano in her amazing band.

We played some fantastic tracks with Sabrina out front singing and dazzling.

The Badgers 2014—2016

This was a fun covers band that I was fortunate to be part of  while long term keyboardist Bryan Glasper was interstate. Lots of ‘old school’ rock and roll from the Countdown era of the 70s and 80s plus some more. L to R. Anton Fullerton, Greg Hansford, Trevor Fletcher, Carl Stanley and Tony Burns.

The Gerry Ciavarella Band - Pleasure to play with renowned saxophonist Gerry Ciavarella in his home town to a packed audience playing an assortment of jazz classics. Also, first time playing with John Hennessy on drums who was a regular drummer in my mum’s band when I was a kid. He is so cool!

The Steaming Monzas 2015 - 2019

Hip Pockets 2018 - Present